Cartier Exhibition, National Gallery of Australia



Cartier Exhibition is magnificent, the unimaginable jewels range from petite pieces of conventual jewellery to absolutely astonishing wealth of diamonds and jewels.

King Edward VII described Cartier as “Jeweller of Kings and King of Jewellers” This magnificent collection shows how  Cartier was influenced by different cultures and historical events. This collection is truly remarkable with specially designed pieces for those of the British monarchy, wealthy and famous.

I suggest all go and see the collection as it is such a rare opportunity to see such an enormous range of exquisite and glamours diamonds and jewels of all cuts and colours from around the world.

The National Gallery in Canberra is holding the collection until July 22nd, 2018;    ADULTS $28.00 CONCESSION HOLDERS $25.00 CHILDREN: FREE

This portrait ‘Wattle Queen’ by William Dargie of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  was to commemorate her first visit to Australia in 1954.


One of Cartier largest pieces was a brilliant necklace and choker commissioned by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala (An Indian Prince) The enormity and weight of such pieces are amazing to see.



The below set was part of the Cartier Paris Collection 1906. Created for Mary Scott Townsend a prominent heiress of the American Coal and Railway.



The below pendant is part of the Cartier Paris Collection 1913: Platinum, Sapphire (478 carats). diamond.







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