Khancoban & The Snowy Mountains

A lovely community nestled in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. This Polish-influenced community ignited in the early 20th Century for the workers and construction of the Snowy Mountain Scheme, one of Australia’s largest engineering feats.  The beautiful mixture of farming land and mountainous National Park makes a wonderful place to visit in both the warm and cool seasons. This great place is a 20km scenic drive to Corryong which is the border of New South Wales and Victoria’s state lines and only 268km from the nation’s capital Canberra. If you like skiing in the Winter and mountain biking or hiking in the Summer come to Australias highest peak Mount Koziosko amongst the snowy mountains, here you can always find ski lodges, bed & Breakfasts or holiday rentals available.  Joy flights available through Khancoban airport are a truly great experience.img_1478




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